Tired of Social Media Gurus
overwhelming you into inaction? 

Tired of Social Media Gurus
overwhelming you into inaction? 

Tired of Social Media Gurus overwhelming you into inaction? 

You're NOT doing it wrong, it's NOT too late and you don't have to do ALL things...

Two words & an impactful LinkedIn profile earned me a $50k deal with a Fortune 100 company...

Crafted through years of experience from getting the first clients in my business to landing the biggest independent deal of my career, this course has you taking impactful action with each lesson.

If you haven't experienced growth from LinkedIn (yet!) this course is your recipe for success!
In the SOCIAL MEDIA RECIPE BOX | LINKEDIN EDITION you'll find the ingredients for success that will allow you to...
  • Bust fear-based marketing myths that stagnate action.
  • Establish an achievable process to produce results with confidence.
  • Digest training in small bits or a productively planned binge to implement according to your appetite.
  • ​Understand feature optimization & best practices for strategic relationship building.
  • Land that next job, strategic partnership or leads & clients to create sustainable income!

Get Noticed In 3 Simple Steps

Step #1

Declare you intention.  Register for the Social Media Recipe Box | Linked In Edition.  Make sure you have your Linked In Username and Password.

Step #2

Consume the Recipe Box program a bit at a time, or feel free to binge!  Each lesson includes actionable work to take your LinkedIn experience to the next level.

Step #3

Take ACTION!  Implement each lesson through intentional activity on your own Linked In profile and experience the difference.

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Steven Feuerstein

Architect, Oracle Corporation
Sue trained Oracle product managers both onsite & remotely over a three week period. She impressed everyone with her social media knowledge, training skills & ability to work one-on-one with our evangelists-in-training. 

Her resources are top-notch, enabling us to build an effective "Social Media Action Center". This will allow us to translate the training experience into an ongoing, elevated level of social media activity. 
An all-around great experience with an all-around social media pro. Thanks, Sue!

Mark Bealin

Founder & Principal, SearchLab
Sue is a true social media expert who has developed into one of the leading presenters in the industry. I’ve been in digital marketing for over 12 years and I learn a lot every time I hear her speak.  

I know from experience that one of the challenges that comes with speaking about digital marketing is crafting a presentation that reaches the entire audience, comprised of professionals and beginners alike. I’ve often watched, with no small amount of jealousy, how Sue is capable of crafting presentations for everyone. 

Her greatest strength as a speaker is her enthusiasm for Social Media Marketing, her passion for helping business owners solve problems and her talent for making the entire process fun. 

Sue is the most prolific social media instructor I know.
Emily Lonigro
President, Lime Red Brand & Digital Strategy

Hi! I'm Sue Koch

I left my 'successful' SVP post in 2009 to follow my entrepreneurial dreams. 
And then...

  • Lost EVERYTHING 💸 in the market crash
  • ​Suffered severe panic attacks pondering failure, debt & a dreaded corporate return.
  • Landed a $50k social media training gig with a Fortune 100 client thanks to my LinkedIn profile.
  • Celebrating 10 years in business following a corporate career that rapidly accelerated from software developer to SVP of a successful tech startup.
  • ​I want to bring these lessons to YOU!

Are you ready to be a Bold Catalyst on LinkedIn?

Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors including dedication & implementation.
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